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Frequently Asked Questions

Halo Therapy FAQ:

Q:  What is Halo Therapy or Dry Salt Therapy?

A: An Active Halotherapy room uses what is called a halo generator. A medical grade device that 

crushes Sodium Chloride (Medical Grade Salt) into microns and disperses them into a temperature and humidity control sealed room. Micron size particles range in size from 1 to 5, with 80% being less than 2 microns ( according to the National Salt Association). 

Q:  Why is Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy Beneficial?

A:  Everyday we breathe in pollutants that can cause inflammation and many other respiratory symptoms and sinus issues. Salt is naturally super absorbent, and attracts unwanted forgein pollutants in our respiratory system and sinuses. Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy is a natural and safe way for the respiratory tract and sinuses to filter out impurities and pollutants. 

Q:  What types of Respiratory or Sinus Conditions can benefit from this type of natural treatment? 



      Cystic Fibrosis




      Ear Infection 

      Common Cold

      Smokers Cough

Q: Does Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy help with Skin Conditions as well?

A: Yes! Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, also anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial! All of these wonderful benefits help to balance pH in the derma, impacting the skin's microcirculation and assisting with cellular membrane activity.  

Q:  What Types of Skin Conditions Benefit from Dry Salt Therapy?

A:   Eczema





      Swelling & Inflammation

      Dry, Flakey, Itchy Skin

      Aging Skin

Q:  What should I expect during a Halotherapy Session?

A:  Healing & Relaxation!!! Each Session runs for 45 minutes. The rooms are designed to maximize your time and healing benefits. Both Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy rooms are softly lit with beautiful Himalayan Salt Bricks imported from Pakistan. All our guests have to do is sit back and BREATHE!

Q:  What should I wear during a session?

A:  Ideally anything comfortable, no shoes and socks are optional. 


Q:  Can I bring my cell into the Halotherapy room?

A:   Unfortunately No, cell phones and all other electronics are not permitted in Halotherapy rooms. 


Q:  How do I book a session and do I need to book in advance?

A:  You can book directly on the website, or call us at 1-234-BREATHE.

      We also HIGHLY suggest you book ahead of time. Sessions run every 45 minutes.

    * Each room is filtered with fresh air in between all sessions. 

Q.  What happens if I am late for my session? 

A.   Our Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy sessions run by the hour. If you are running behind 

       and the session has started, we would be happy to reschedule your appointment as the 

       schedule permits.  

Q.  Is Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy safe for everyone, including children?

A.  YES! Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy is a natural way of helping to manage health ailments. 

      However, if you are suffering end stages of a severe condition we recommend discussing                       your desire to try a natural approach with your medical team of Doctors. 

      Yes, Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy is safe for children. All children 14 and under must 

      be accompanied by an adult. 

Q.  Can I book for a private event? 

A.   Absolutely! Breathe Salt Therapy offers Halotherapy/Dry Salt Therapy, Floatation Spa, 

      Infrared Sauna, and Foot Detox Baths. We would love to incorporate any of those 

      blissful treatments as well for your special event!

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